“The Higher Education Bubble” from Hack Education

It???s important to remember here, of course, that just 70% of U.S. students even graduate from high school. So before we worry too much about ???excess education,??? we should start there. Indeed, despite all the talk of overselling the college dream and murmurs of a higher education bubble, just 29% of Americans have four-year degrees. (The rates are far lower for Blacks and Hispanics: 17% and 13% respectively.) And despite questions about whether or not a college degree is ???worth it,??? statistics still show that those with college degrees earn more. As the country suffers this latest economic recession, it???s worth pointing out too that those with college degrees have lower unemployment rates than those without.

I want to believe that change is possible. Which is in part why I’m going to encourage my kids to become iron workers.

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