Monthly Archives: September 2011

I had to run by work this afternoon so I took the kids with me for a quick trip. As we were getting out of the car I noticed that Bevo was pulling up in his trailer to visit a game at the Gregory gym. His horns are as wide as I am tall and it was cool to be able to get right up next to him.



The school really wants parents to drop the kids off and get out of the building quickly and they’re starting to get pushy about it. I’m the only parent who stays by their kid’s side in the cafeteria where the kindergarteners and first-graders wait for their teachers. Today I left Zak before the teacher got there and he took it about how you’d expect.

I swear though, if one more teacher had applauded me for leaving my crying son in a heap on the floor as I was walking out of the building I would have addressed them in language not fit for an elementary school…