Monthly Archives: August 2011

We got the Z’s off to school for their first day this morning. No drama getting them ready and out the door and things were less of a zoo than last year when we got to school. Zoe knew exactly where to go and what to do, she’s in the same classroom and with the same teacher as last year, and there were tons of familiar faces there to greet her. She sat down at her desk and immediately got to work on a word puzzle so we went across the hall to drop of Zach.

He was much less excited about school today. He was shy and stuck right by my side as we got him situated, with a bit of coaxing, into his chair. I read him a book, the only parent who hung around in the room, and tried to get him to engage with the other kids. He just stayed focused on me. A few times I thought he was comfortable enough for me to leave, but he’d start to get upset and say he wanted to leave, so I hung around for the first few activities. After about 20 minutes I had to just bite the bullet, give him to the teacher, and leave the room. He was crying, I started to cry, and I can only hope things pick up from here. This is how we started daycare too, and that worked out in the end, so I’m hoping that he’ll warm up pretty quickly. Tomorrow we ride bikes, and that may help.



Zachary will be starting kindergarten on Monday. (I’ll just pause a moment here while that sinks in) I will resume my picture-a-day project, documenting his first year of school, then.

I also need to teach Zoe to ride her bike this weekend, otherwise our logistics for drop-off are gonna be a bit tricky.