Day 4: Up, Down, Up


Caught up to a huge bike bus on the way in with 15 kids and several parents all riding to school. I had the Z’s in the buggy but still managed to out-sprint the field and arrive at school in first place.

As soon as we got in Zak started to get scared. Zoe tried to comfort hIm, but he was crying as I left. I couldn’t take it and went back and held him until he calmed down. Then surprised me by asking me to take him to his classroom. He showed me how his backpack and lunch get put away properly and sat at a table and played with some blocks. He wasn’t exactly thrilled, but he was doing well enough when I left. As usual, I expect he’ll have a great day and be in fine spirits when mom picks him up.

I, on the other hand, may have to start spiking my coffee.

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