Day 2: Getting Better All The Time ((tag: School Day))

Great start to the day with Zach super-excited to be going back to school again today after a good first day. The kids rode in the buggy behind the bike as we rode to school today, instead of taking the car. We got to school around the time that most of the students were being led to class, so we dropped Zoe off at her door and I took Zach to the cafeteria to find his class. Zach had gotten through the day yesterday with the help of a tiger puppet he'd brought from home and Dena had gotten him a bracelet with a stuffed frog attached as a reward for getting through day one. Zach had pulled the frog from the bracelet and had given it to the tiger puppet as a friend of his one. He brought both of the with him today, as seen in the photo.
Zach grew a little apprehensive when we got to the cafeteria. There were a few other kids crying today, which didn't help, but as long as I was there he was fine. The teacher came to pick up the class and lead them like a train to the classroom. That's when Zach discovered his frog had gone missing. I walked him to his class and promised I'd find the frog and get it back to him. I got him seated at a table with a group of boys and walked out to find the frog as he started to cry, putting his head down on the table.
Broken Promise
I went up and down the halls, back out to the buggy and through every nook and cranny. No frog. I went back to the classroom and snuck a peak. He wasn't crying, just looking around at what the other kids were doing, and he'd put his head down for second or two before looking up again to see what was going on. I decided not to go in and just head to work. I hate that I told him I'd find his frog and come back and instead I did neither. It was the right thing to do, but if there's anything I've learned in my life until now it is this: doing the right thing almost always sucks.


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