Monthly Archives: March 2011


Zak was upset this morning and seemed like he needed some special attention, so instead of going to school today he’s going to be hanging out with me. We are going to do some collating, attend a training session, maybe grab a snack. Should be fun.

Janeen and Precious had a spill over the weekend, and they both took a knock (Janeen to the head, Precious to the handlebars). Janeen wrote about it on her cycling Tumblr and posted pictures that she took during and after the trip to the hospital. The close up of her eye and face is an especially powerful and moving image; I think it takes a lot of guts to put these out there, I understand wanting to get back on the bike:

(Update: Hues of Healing, The Eye Is Going Plaid)


Allow analytics to fuel your navigational decisions. Be a hardened samurai and don???t give in. If a campaign, link, or event doesn???t appeal to more than 50% of your userbase, it doesn???t belong on your homepage.

Holy Crap – 50%! We’ve got links on our homepage that appeal to 2 people, maybe.