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Going Deeper

Restricting the contact page to contact information isn???t as simple as it sounds. Like many design goals, this one begins with questions. The key is to think like both a website owner and a user.


Website owner End user
What encourages people to contact us, sign up or otherwise act? What do I need to ask them? What???s in it for me?
What prevents people from contacting us or taking action? How do I know this will be worth my time and effort?
How can we encourage messages or sign-ups? What are the benefits of this product?
What prevents people from acting? (Case by case.)

Data collection

Website owner End user
What information do we want people to provide? What information am I comfortable sending?
What will we do with the information? How do I know I won???t get spammed?
How will we process the information? How soon can I expect a reply?

Contact methods

Website owner End user
How do we want them to take action? What???s the easiest way to act?
What haven???t we thought of? What are my other options?
How can we speed up the process? How long will this process take?


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