Monthly Archives: November 2010

We are very proud of our empirical focus, because it makes us humble – we realize that most of the time, we don’t know up-front what customers want. ??The feedback from testing quickly sets us straight, and helps make sure that our efforts are really focused at optimizing the things that make a difference in the customer experience.

If I had to summarize our learnings in three words: “simple trumps complete.”

I wish we (people with websites we support) were humble. We could learn a whole lot…


Long and fun break for Thanksgiving that started on Wednesday. Mom took Zoe to see a movie while Zach was in school (but we’re keeping that on the down low) that day and it just stayed fun from then on. Little bit of a struggle to get back into the school routine, but we managed to get to school on time with eggs in the belly and looking good.