Monthly Archives: October 2010


I’ve been following and during their trip across the country and have really enjoyed it. Today, I was picking up some last minute gear for the Livestrong Challenge ride and when I walked into Mellow Johnny’s I saw Precious, and a few minutes later Janeen too. She was very gracious, after getting over the surprise of being recognized by a complete stranger in a strange town. Here, Zach poses next to Precious (he usually vibrates like this, especially after meeting Internet-famous cyclists and their bikes).


Matching pants and top were birthday gifts. They may be pajamas, sure, but who am I to stand on propriety when there’s happiness to be found. Besides, she picked them out herself. (I also should have color-corrected the picture, the hallway fluorescents are not the best for photos)

This article is worth reading if you care about Higher Ed IT stuff as I do.

Pepperdine University will formally switch to Sakai as its university-wide LMS beginning Jan. 1. In this guest viewpoint, Timothy Chester, Pepperdine’s CIO and vice provost for academic administration, reveals five reasons for the shift to the open source LMS and offers tips for other IT leaders in higher education contemplating similar moves.